Sailing on Saturday...

Sailing on Saturday 14th. Sept. Martin Warner  


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16th September 2019 13:04  

Hello Sailors-Update on our trip at the w/e. Good day, plenty of wind in the middle part, Glenn had never steered a sail boat and was brilliant. My sole work was putting up the sails and running us aground upon entry to the channel, Hmmm. Oh, and making bacon & sandwiches. We did plenty of fishing, but without success. Great day though, and Fletch got out also, hope he had a good day. No takers for my offer of a Sunday sail, (i never relish sailing alone)

I met Steve, the new HOT CHERRY owner. Nice fellow, and already making efforts to brave the channel. I will leave him to relay that interesting story.

You may ask, why i have started using this forum, well simply put, "i am NO computer professor, " So, with that said correct me at any stage whilst i am using this system to improve my skills.